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The purpose of therapy

What happens to a person who, in conflict with himself, does not admit that even if he were able to overcome every obstacle in the world, he still would not have the power to overcome himself by himself? - Søren Kierkegaard

Those who have a 'why' to live can tolerate almost any 'how' - Friedrich Nietzsche

<b>Why therapy</b>. Motherandbaby

Therapy might be right for you if any of the following ring true:

* I feel stuck, I can see my patterns but can't seem to think, feel, or act freely
* I am lonely and isolated, and yet I resist making connection with others
* I struggle in close relationships, I cannot express my needs or desires
* I feel I am too much for others
* I want to live harmoniously with others, my life is fraught with conflict
* I want creativity and adventure, but self-doubt and shame hold me back
* I want to make changes in my life but I am frightened of the unknown
* I am burdened by unresolved issues from my past
* I can't assert myself without putting people off
* I feel lousy about my life
* I am often let down by others
* I feel like a failure, even when I succeed
* I can't stop feeling depressed or anxious
* I think my partner and I have drifted apart and we can't seem to find our way back

If your response is 'yes' to any of the above, counselling is probably the right step for you. At this stage, you only need to be willing to see the situation fully, with all your thoughts, feelings, desires and personal values. I think it is really important that these difficulties are located in the context of relationships - past or present - with others in the family, or at work, or in the social sphere. People usually find this quite rewarding even if it is a little uncomfortable at first. You can come to therapy to try it out - see if it is right for you, if it makes sense, if it fits your life right now.

Everyone participates uniquely in therapy and the precise outcomes are unpredictable. At times it leads to small but powerful shifts in one's beliefs and perceptions. At other times, a person is enabled to make constructive but difficult decisions that can fundamentally transform their life. For some, therapy becomes a path of ongoing personal development or a spiritual journey, for others, a catalyst for creative, artistic, or intellectual expression.

Deeper the feelings, the harder it is to talk about them, and likelier it is to talk around them.

<b>Why therapy</b>. JungQuote

I have worked with clients who have experienced difficulties in the following areas:

* Absent fathers, mothers or siblings
* Abortion, miscarriage, child bereavement
* Abuse
* Anger-related problems
* Anxiety
* Bereavement
* Betrayal and disloyalty
* Boarding school and similar experiences
* Birth of children
* Bullying and lack of assertion
* Childhood experiences
* Culture and ethnicity
* Depression and melancholia
* Emotional stress
* Ethical dilemma and moral anguish
* Faith and spiritual crisis
* Family crisis/breakdown in relationships
* Fear of intimacy and getting hurt
* Growing older
* Infidelity
* Loneliness and isolation
* Loss of self and being
* Low self-confidence / low self-esteem
* Organisational dynamics and work-related stress
* Parenting challenges
* Personality related problems
* Post-traumatic stress disorder
* Procrastination
* Relationship issues
* Relocation / dislocation
* Redundancy / Retirement
* Rejection and abandonment
* Self-identity and renewal
* Separation and divorce
* Sexuality
* Trauma

Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. - Jean-Paul Sartre

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